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  ag亚游集团官网下载|首页口语考试前,大家可以多多练习话题,同时也可以参考标答范文来帮助我们进行答题。接下来为大家带来的是ag亚游集团官网下载|首页口语5-8月题库标答: Email,大家可以总结一下关于这个话题如何答帮助我们拿高分。

ag亚游集团官网下载|首页口语5-8月题库标答: Email


  1. Do you think it’s important to reply emails quickly?

  Well, I suppose the time of reply is not that significant when it comes to emails. Usually emergent messages which need to be replied immediately will be delivered through text messages or phone calls and only those official notices will be sent through emails. Sending emails means that we should write back carefully and seriously but not necessarily to be quick.

  2. Who do you write to?

  There are two kinds of people who I write to. One is those I work with and the other is my international friends. Writing emails is a quite formal action so it is used in my workplace. Also, when communicating with foreign friends, I find that we use different types of social applications so the emails are the common and most stable way for us to keep in touch.

  3. What kind of email do you receive that makes you happy?

  Because of the fact that I have to receive plenty of emails every day, I suppose it is those well- organized ones that can make me feel delighted. If an email is well-written, with very standard format and clear purposes, I will find it easy to comprehend and the important messages will not be missed so I prefer the emails with high readability.

  4. How often do you write an email?

  I do that nearly every day. When I was in high school, I barely wrote emails but since I entered college, emails have become probably the commonest way to convey messages. Every day after breakfast, the first thing I would do is check my inbox so it has really been an essential part of my life.